Huwebes, Marso 20, 2014

When Rhythm meets Science

Music like any other aspects of entertainment, had gone through a lot of ages and changes. People even in earlier times enjoyed music so much enough for it to evolve and be passed from generation to generation. Maybe the style and genre are very different comapred to what we have nowadays but still, music is still music. Its influence into our lives is so great that even the vast world of science was also conquered. Yes, music conquered science.

Through the years, music not only affect people's lives and emotions but also science and technology. It started when Frederick William Herschel expressed his passion for science using music. Another remarkable person was Gustav Holt. Because of his love for astrology, he was able to create “The Planets”. These two were only few of the many people who incorporated music and science that led to the versatile music industry we have right now.

In the present times, music-and-science tandem is still evident. Probably the most appropriate example of this is the soundtrack of the series “The Big Bang Theory”. There evolution and other scientific concepts were incorporated as seen during the start of the show. This became very popular because of the series' very intellectual sense of humor.

Maybe if we look at it individually, science and music are two different aspects of life. But thanks to those people, they made a connection to these two that seems a bit impossible to think. We always think that science is purely academic, but with music, we can see that science is a world exploring for after all.

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