Biyernes, Marso 7, 2014

At War With Self

Reaction Paper
Rhetoric of Cancer

On his podcast on BBC, Andrew Graystone highlights the use of military or war metaphors in describing the experience of someone diagnosed of cancer. In his audio documentary, he described how language is used and influence cancer patients in their daily struggles. With the many diseases brought by cancer and the very painful treatment one has to undergo just to return things to normal, he recorded his quest of interviewing physicians responsible of facing the victims of cancer.

We can hear from his quest, to unveil the language game played by thousands of victims, the different points of view of people dealing with cancer. He discussed that rather than using "battling" with cancer, "living with it" is the more appropriate term when cancer is talked about. Having a civi war with self poisons anyone's mind that the abnormality is also the own person's abnormality.

Through podcasts, Graystone documented all the ideas that come out from the mouth of various people. With this new technology, anyone can record their journals, talks, speeches, discussion, lessons and documentary. Just by uploading it to any social media platform or even sell it online to a wide market of listeners. Podcasts enables us to speak out, to reach out to a larger set of people. With this innovation, anyone who gets an idea like the rhetoric of cancer it's just on a few clicks for the whole world to share.

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