Huwebes, Marso 20, 2014

Hit all the High Notes

Reaction Paper (Science of Music)

          No one would have ever expected that music can come hand-in-hand with science. Although it is naturally wired in us that art and science are co-existing in our brains, the right hemisphere being the creative half and the left hemisphere being the logical one, people always see contrasts of things as opposing instead of being complimentary with one another. Through years, music and science evolved and flourished together. Still people did not see the connection that the two aspects can make. 

          It was not until the rise of two musicians William Herschel and Gustav Holt that science was expressed through music. The mostly used concept and inspiration for their works were the heavenly bodies. The vastness and endless beauty of the unknown universe provided the perfect subject for their expression of science in music. They paved the way for other scientists to express their love for their work through music as well. Nowadays, science has shown up in all of the different genres of music we know.

         Science in art in our generation now has taken big steps and has been incorporated in different kinds of media. From television series to video games to paintings, science now can be seen almost everywhere. Nonetheless, the example Herschel and Holt displayed was the perfect show of the harmonious union of the two contrasts.

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