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An Old GAME in a New Form

Meryl Mae Tan
Individual Project

Do you know this Board Game?

Some shots from the Alliance of Concern Dormitories'
Sportfest, where GG is one of the Board games.
And where I actively participated and compete.

Well, if not, let me introduce it to you in a Story.

Once upon a time,

in 1970’s Soforonio H Pasola and his son, Ronnie Pasola, was inventing a game patterned after modern-day combat, where battling tactics may be applied.

“……with a board almost just like in Chess, and setting up the pieces so that they were unseen by the enemies like in mahjong and card games were some of the inspiration in forming the game.”
            “Iwa Jima with the victorious marines provides the heroic angle for ending the game – the symbolic raising of the flag signaling the capture of enemy territory.
            “James Bond and Mata Hari reminded me to put in a pair of spies with the introduction of the arbiter between two players securing their cloak-and dagger maneuvers.
            “Finally, the movie “Night of the Generals” wrapped it up inspiring the dramatic touch needed and people..
            “Thus, the Games of the General was born and conceived.”
           -Ronnie Pasola, in his interview with THE TIMES JOURNAL issued April 21, 1976

            Its first public introduction was on February 28, 1973.
            ALTERNATIVE NAMES: Games of the Generals; The Generals; Salpakan; GG.

Every day,

 The game’s objective is either to a flag reach the end of the board of the opponent or be able to eat the opponent’s flag.
Unlike in Chess, there is no single position. You may deploy your forces in a manner that there is enough protection for the flag to be not eaten or in such a way that it can attract the opponent’s pieces. In fact, there are 7, 163, 729, 901, 591, 021, 158, 400, 00 starting position combination where you can place your 21 pieces freely in the 3x9 out of the 8x9 (27 out of 72 squares) playing board.
Aside from merely or largely a game of chance, it also need the use of logic. The middle of the game is the time for serious assessment when you must bank on your MEMORY and PSYCHOLOGICAL PROWESS to defeat the enemy like the pieces you and your opponent have identified through challenge, deduction and/or other pieces’ behavior. Based on what you can remember, you may start applying Psychological or PSY-WAR tactics which is the heart of winning.
Players can also speak with others during matches, hoping to make a false impression on where the flag is.
Controlling your opponent’s mind is the psychological ability to maneuver pieces on the board with the objective of leading your opponent to believe assumptions which you desire him to believe.   

For the past years, GG has been played only through the use of a board game, the playing pieces and a volunteer Arbiter.

Until one day,

            SalpakanNa a group of programmers developed an online adaptation of the game which enable GG enthusiast to play the game, whenever and wherever they wish to, and a chance to play with other tough high ranked players.
            SalpakanNa Version 1.0 was released in early 2010.
            The website,, and official facebook fanpage, caters online forums and became an avenue to players to meet virtually and organize online GG tournaments and monthly ranking.

This page is the official fan page of However, SalpakanNa doesn't own the copyright for this game, but with a little permission from madam Tes Pasola, the server is still up for free until further notice. Salpakanna encourages players who respect other players during the games. We discourage those who choose to behave in an unruly, disrespectful manner. SalpakanNa will take appropriate steps to ensure players adhere to these guidelines. The SalpakanNa server and client software thwart any form of game cheats so you can have an enjoyable and fun game at SalpakanNa

Because of that,

            Being accessible to the public and because of the love for sport, many players are encouraged to join the growing community of GG Players.

Because of that,

            Many versions of the game has been released from 1.0, 2.7, 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3(which was released late 2012).

Until finally,

          The most recent SalpakanNa Version 3.4 was released early last year.
          The said version has updated features:
                                       Regular Updates *NEW*
                                       Top-50 Challenge
                                       Flag-Across Rule
                                       The Challenge You Can't Refuse
                                       Game Replay
                                       Invite and Kibitz
                                       5-Perpetual Move Rule
                                       16-Move Rule
                                       30-Move Rule
                                       72-Move Marz Rule

        And now, you have 2 options to play the game, buy a board game set or download the latest online version of the Games of the Generals. Have Fun.

-The Times Journal, April 21, 1976.
-How to win with Games of the Generals, Ronnie Pasola, Games of the Generals-Game Manual, MasterMind Inc., 1980

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