Huwebes, Marso 20, 2014


Reaction Paper (All the Time in the World)

          The episode shows the ambivalence of having all the time and wants you have in a solitary world. During the start of the episode we can see the protagonist not having enough time for himself, rather he get's interrupted every time he tries to make time for his books. Much like how us scholars fantasize of having enough time to do everything, this episode gives us a view on what it would look like if someone had all the time in the world.

          Yes, the idea might sound like it's the best thing that could happen to someone, especially in this day and age of having a very busy and stressful lifestyle, but it does carry certain consequences that most people cannot face. The episode shows that the protagonist is the only person left in a world of desolation but in this world he had everything he ever wanted, all the books that he always wanted to read. In this situation the protagonist first displays a positive attitude that screams "Hey, I can finally have all the time in the world to do what I want" but not soon after he changes his mind. Upon breaking his glasses and knowing that help is nowhere to be found, the helpless protagonist lays down in desperation to accept his inevitable faith without the comfort of neither time nor pleasure.

          It makes us think on how we should assess our current situation with the extremes that we look for in our lives. It teaches us to not take everything for granted and just deal with our problems with whatever little time we have left. It is actually impossible for a normal human being to be able to survive psychologically the state of isolation. According to Aristotle "Man by nature is a social animal" meaning that social contact with others is just as important to us humans as having food or shelter. Again, I stress how the ambivalence of the episode showing the two extremes that a human can undergo will always end up in a paradox in which one will just be stuck in the middle without any idea as to what to do.

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