Miyerkules, Marso 12, 2014

Science for the Sake of Beauty

Reaction Paper

                Everything has been tainted by the handiwork of politics. Even the simplest decisions of our lives are affected by the set authority of the people around us and science is not an exception.

               Left and right, public and private institutions commission science fairs, researches, patents and infrastructures. In this respect, Imelda may be labeled the most infamous for having built lots of medical research institutions in the country. Although the good of advancing our medical technology, this buildings for science is just seen by many as a product of the Marcos' edifice complex. It is a popular opinion that all of it are just facade to cover their negligence and to silence their opposition. But nobody can change the fact that without the Kidney Institute of the Philippines, Lung Center of the Philippines and the Philippine Heart Center, an ordinary citizen cannot afford to experience the advancement science have made. It could be true that Imelda made it just to beautify their name but advancement in science and technology is not to be left out in the issues of the past.

               Science is made to move forward. So the next person to commission fairs, researches, patents and infrastructures of science should be seen not of its political value but its benefit to the development of our society.

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