Miyerkules, Marso 5, 2014

Jaylyn L. Paterno

                There is definitely no way man can be incapable of finding better solutions. The internet proved to be very useful to man's life ever since it was made--from online transactions to social networking, no wonder why people until today are hooked on the World Wide Web. Podcasts, though, is an extension of man's searching for better ways the Internet (or internet streaming) could not offer. The innovation allows fast downloading and is ready even for offline use. This makes podcasts helpful mostly on education, where professors can give lessons thru video recording, files could be submitted, and all things downloaded is automatically ready for anyone to view.

                Today, podcast is earning users that seem satisfied of the media and what more it has to offer. I believe that it is a thing that will benefit us well, if we continue to explore and support it further.

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