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The story had ended with a very tragic way. Mr. Bemis, the guy who loves reading, was left in nothingness. When the time he was going to commit suicide, he saw a lot of books. He realizes that there’s no reason in killing his self for he can live by just reading books all day long. But an unexpected thing happened; his eye glasses were broken so even the only thing he can do or chance of reading books was taken.
It showed that from the very beginning, Mr. Bemis, a man who’s fond of reading books, is discourage by his boss and his better-half, Mrs. Bemis.  His boss and wife believe that reading would not cause him any good thing, but why? Why would these two individuals think that it would harm Mr. Bemis? The answer is because he was addicted to it! He sacrifices time for that is allotted for other things just to read books. Yes, there’s nothing wrong of reading but too much of anything will cause harm.
If I were going to write an update or adaptation of story I would relate it in today’s situation. There was a guy named Ken Bemis who’s very addicted to DOTA (Defense of the Ancient), a kind of video game. He was very addicted to it that he escaped classes just to play the said video game. One fine day, their town was bombed by unknown people, everybody died except for him because he was in safe place playing DOTA. When he goes out of his secret place, he found out there’s nobody alive but him. He cried. He feels so alone that he thinks of killing his self but he realizes that he has a laptop with him; he can play DOTA and can live his life with just playing. He played DOTA all day but another problem came out, there was no electricity so his laptop shut down. He got depress and after 3 days, he died. The End.

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