Huwebes, Marso 20, 2014


Reaction Paper (The Bride of Frankenstein)

          The film and novel show how high the regard for science was that morality was out of the question. They stressed this enough with the creation of a monstrosity that would have caused so much deaths in their community. Another thing is the way they defied the laws of nature and the respect for human life by trying to create life from a corpse. In a way this is somewhat the main dilemma science is facing; is it better to undermine morality for the advancement of science? The film and novel show how the lowest of scientists, in terms of morality, can actually create some thing that is a scientific breakthrough at the same time cause a downfall in humanity. In our day and age morality is still of top priority, the film and novel just depicts the possible outcomes if it were the other way around to provide us with insights and entertainment.

          The idea of making the monster dumb in the film was to show the incompleteness of the experiment. That life cannot be perfectly recreated by man. This also shows the feral nature of creatures suggesting that Frankenstein's monster is not completely a human being, but a humanoid creature made from reanimated flesh. It also emphasizes the hysterical nature of the movie and gives it color. This tactic actually worked as we actually find the film comedic and with regards with the depiction of an incomplete human being we could easily see that the Frankenstein's monster is far from being human.

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