Martes, Marso 18, 2014

Reaction Paper on Imelda Marcos

The documentary is about the former first lady Imelda Marcos. It includes her personal life, life as a first lady, political relations and more. The documentary also shows the side of Imelda Marcos that very few knew about.

It was implied in the documentary that Imelda was an extravagant person. She had a lot of material things which includes her collection of over 1000 pairs of shoes. She was pretty and proud of it and everybody knew it. Some people didn't like how proud she was but her beauty is something she should be proud of.

During her time as first lady she didn't lay low and she showed that she cared about the political side of her life and her country. She had a lot of different projects and programs for the people in need in the country. She cared and it was good of her to.

Imelda Marcos is a good person and although a lot of people think she was bad for this country I think she has shown enough for the people to see that she is truly a good person.

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