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Dr. Juan Salcedo Jr.: Vanguard of Public Health

The Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (NFP) building located at E. Rodriguez, Sr. Avenue, Quezon City is the headquarters of NFP founded by the national scientist, Dr. Juan Salcedo Jr. as a way to help communities achieve good nutrition and optimal health benefits.

Dr. Juan Salcedo Jr.: “Vanguard of Public Health”

Dr. Juan Salcedo Jr. was born on September 24, 1904 in Pasay City. He was often called as the “Vanguard of Public Health”. He took his degree of Doctor of Medicine in University of the Philippines and as Master of Science in Biochemistry in Columbia University. Since then, he advocated for the department of health and nutrition in the country by devoting his service in research and serving the government agencies.

He served as the President of the World Health Organization, Araneta University Foundation and Professional and Head of Department of Physiological Hygiene at the College of Medicine in UP Manila. In addition to that, he also served as the Secretary of Health of Department of Health during President Quirino’s time. He also researched all about health factors such as vitamins and fatty acids. This is only one of his greatest contributions in the field of nutrition and public health.

Aside from the perseverance of him in researching vaccine, vitamins and fatty acids, it was his perseverance of helping and serving his fellowmen that made him deserving to receive recognitions and awards.

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