Miyerkules, Marso 12, 2014


Oh No! Half Human, Half Fly

“The Fly?”
I have no idea what we will be watching that 5th day of December. Then, I figured it out that it is one of the science-fiction movies back then, specifically during 1950’s.
The film was indeed an entertaining and interesting one though at first I got bored for the reason that the picture’s dull and it shows not-that-good quality unlike today’s movie. However, as the movie is more or less at the middle part and getting to its climax, I began to focus for it somewhat made me curious especially when the scientist/inventor did use the cat, which magically disappeared, as his experiment in his “transport device”. In addition to that, the transformation of the scientist/inventor into a fly, literally an insect, made me shocked and frightened because he looks horrible.
The film’s commentary on scientists and conduct of science is that our scientist before are very inquisitive on how far science could go even in their time. The film is trying to convey the audience or the viewers that scientists are really eager to create new inventions—that our society would really think it is impossible to be create or done. The film is a play of morality. It involves the usage of innocent living creatures as part of the experiment and putting life in danger just for the sake of a non-reasonable practice.
The film is reflecting the view on science and technology during the 1950’s as remarkable one even though it is not advanced as of the technology we have in the present.

PS: Don’t kill a fly. It might be the one that will end your life. :D


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