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Reaction Paper: Futurama

From 1999 to 2999!!!

“My God! It's the future. My parents, my co-workers, my girlfriend; I'll never see any of them again. YAHOO!”

Futurama, an American adult animated science fiction sitcom, was created by Matt Groening and developed by Groening and David C. Cohen for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series, which was first aired on March 28, 1999, follows the adventures of a late-20th-century New York pizzza delivery boy, Philip J. Fry.

The first episode of Futurama, Space Pilot 3000, was about Fry who’s very glad when he was able to escape his present life especially his present job. Though he was able to escape his present life after being unwittingly cryogenic frozen waking up a thousand years later, still what future offers him was a job he undeniably hates, delivery boy. This shows that being a delivery boy is his function by which nature suits him and he must not meddle with the functions of others. The future society depicted by the show was you must do your job and fulfill it for you will be treated as a criminal if you do not.

The episode shows that in the future we will be interacting with aliens from outer space and robots as our co-citizens. It also shows the advancement of the technology like transporting from one place to another within just a snap using the air tubes, flying spaceships everywhere, preservation of the heads of human beings, and what surprised me the most was the suicidal machine where there are options on the what kind of process you prefer on committing suicide.

The show does not engage in the time travel machine most of us expecting where you can go either future or past. The time travelling can only go to the future. It’s like freezing and preserving the body in a very unique way for a certain time – can be seconds, minutes, days, months, years and so on.

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