Huwebes, Marso 20, 2014

Bride of Frankenstein” Reaction Paper

Whenever I hear the word “Frankenstein”, I always have that image of the creepy creature with a metal object attached to the head. But upon watching the movie “Bride of Frankenstein”, I obtained a different perspective of that all-time Halloween creature and the story behind its creation. And later on, it was not the creepy monster that I paid attention to. It was science. The science of before and its huge to difference to the science we have now.

Bride of Frankenstein” is a horror film based on the novel of Mary Shelly “Frankenstein”. In the novel, “Frankenstein” was the scientist and not the monster itself. Somehow, the movie depicted the concept of science and its capabilities during that time. It showed how people especially scientists perceive science as something that can bring back life after death. Also technology present during that time can be also seen in the movie. Machineries used to create the “mate” of Frankenstein in the movie portrayed the advancement of technology during the 1930’s. Also, it was also shown in the movie what people of the past thought would be the source of electricity and how can it be obtained. 

These and other many evidences only show what science was before and how it was different compared to the science that we have right now.
Maybe science had gone a long way after all those years. But one thing is constant about science. It would continue to update itself and it would never stop innovating and discovering its capacities.

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