Huwebes, Marso 20, 2014

The Dawn of Dusk

Reaction Paper (Isaac Asimov's Nightfall)

          Science fiction has always been one of the broadest genres of novels. To me, it is a genre that spouts limitless creativity as well as plausible ideas and concepts in science and technology. It gives readers an possible future that we may or may not really undergo in our lifetime. The thing about sci-fi that attracts so much attention is how they, more often than not, use a constant that is human nature. The only thing they alter are the laws of science surrounding man-kind. Such is the case for the radio play adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Nightfall

          The story focuses on the onset of an eclipse, one that rarely happens in a world of continuous illumination (every 2000 years or so), that the scientists predict the chaos that would ensue once it actually happens. This explains why the scientists made a conclusion that civilization collapses every 2000 years, because of the eclipse that induces mania, insanity, and a fear of the unknown in the masses. At the end of the story it implies that what the scientists fear for has come upon fruition, darkness falls down upon the planet and the people burning society down literally in a fear induced riot.

          The story displays all the aspects of human nature that we ourselves would display when we are put into their situation. This together with the sci-fi aspect of a planet with six suns and the occurrence of an eclipse, something unknown to them at that time, that causes the chaos of society makes for an excellent sci-fi story. It pulls us in as we can relate to what is happening due to the emotions and reactions the people in the story display as well as the creative and completely new point of view of a new world with new laws of physics and technology promises.

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