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Science and Music

When we plug in our earphones, rarely can we hear a song playing about evolution, the fossils, underwater ecosystem or the big bang theory from our iPods, mp4 or other gadgets that can have audio as an output. But only a very few knows that there exists music about this science phenomenas, theories, and concepts.

Maybe the fascination to music of guys in science can be said to be popularized by Frederick William Herschel who was both an astronomer and a musical composer. He has written hundreds of musical composition of symphonies, sonatas, concertos and other pieces.

Later on, scientists began to describe scientific objects like fossils, corals, fishes, water and many more things that are associated with science, through mimicking the sound they imagine it creates. So the next time we sit down on our relaxation chair, this music may be a good choice. especially when you're fond of the matter around us.

Probably the latest development in the mixture of science and music are the science songs. This songs do not just mimic the sound with instruments instead it also have lyrics that teaches science. In this way, science becomes remarkable and not just a physical concept but also an emotional one.

With this, science may be presented in a way that we don't expect it to be. That science is truly fun and it depends on us on how we treat and showcase the knowledge we acquire from science by applying it to every medium we could think of.

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