Miyerkules, Marso 19, 2014

An Imeldific Documentary

Reaction Paper (Imelda)

          This documentary caught my attention from the start of the video up till the end. Mainly due to the fact that this specific documentary proved some of my insights towards Imelda Marcos right as well as debunk the other insights I had. First let's discuss the summary or overview of the documentary. The documentary was about the life of Imelda Marcos a little bit before and after the reign of the Marcos regime.

          It was an excellent documentary as it wasn't bias to anyone. They took the views of people who loved and people who loathed the Marcos which to me was a sign that the documentary crew really did their research. From the endless pairs of shoes Imelda had to the beliefs and teachings Imelda was propagating, the documentary had it all. I guess the real link of the documentary to our field of science and technology is the workmanship and detail that media can give to change people's views and apprehensions towards people whom we thought we knew everything about. I must honestly say that I did not know that Imelda was almost assassinated, I did not know that Imelda was teaching nonsense to people, and I did not know that she was the one who instituted the Cultural Center of the Philippine and the Metro Manila Film Festival. They turned the documentary into somewhat a thorough biography that makes Imelda's life kind of transparent to the people and this I believe is what the science and technology in media is all about.

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