Miyerkules, Marso 5, 2014

Jaylyn L. Paterno
The Bride of Frankenstein

                Dr.Proterius, the one who created the monster, is the real monster in the story and not the monster itself. The movie showed the willingness of the monster to establish ties to people like The Hermit but because he was known as 'the monster' he did not get the chance to have it. Meanwhile, Dr.Proterius was not contented on the monster he created and wanted to create more. Obviously, evil will not win against the good, so both the creations of Dr. Proterius, Frankenstein and his bride, died. I guess that would pay off all the tragedy he caused to those people who were killed by the monster.
                I think the movie wants to show us that only God has the power to create a life. A person who will dare to defy God just to prove something to others will just bring pain and tragic events, not just to the creature he made, but to all the people surrounding him.

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