Huwebes, Marso 20, 2014

Eureka! Scientopia!

Reaction Paper
Isaac Asimov's Nightfall

If someone becomes deeply immersed in reading written works of fantasy and adventure and also fond of the future and advancement of technology, most probably he/she would also like going to the library to check out fictional novels and short stories about science. Lying around next to books, tracing each words and visualizing it in the head may make someone a geek. But with these whole different societies with each unique character playing different roles, it helps us escape, even for just a moment, reality and look forward to a world we technically own.

One of these works is the Nightfall by Isaac Asimov. In this story, Lagash, a planet on a different stellar system becomes exposed to something they never been confronted, darkness bringing forth chaos and destruction through fire. This popular work of fiction does not only tell a story of a civilization instead it also opens questions and applying the possibilities of what Science can achieve through time. That science fiction is not just a book that is sold in stores but a statement that brings forth discussions.

Some people may not treat this seemingly impossible written work seriously but no one should forget that science fiction triggers the readers to think, "Is such thing really possible?" That may be through these works we can actually make a stubborn man pick up a science textbook to search for the truth. And through this fictional worlds of science, we can achieve Eureka.

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