Huwebes, Enero 16, 2014

Trip to the Moon

Trip to the Moon
Movie Review
Meryl Mae Tan

A film like "Trip to the Moon" is a breakthrough in the film industry. From a black and white, they have produced colored films which is very unusual during those times. Having boxes that contain humans are great invention, then now from black and white, they have manage to put colors on it. who knows that maybe someday, they may add audio in the next few years in their arts. In those times, it was a really great improvement.

The wonders of undiscovered things remain problematic. Their depiction of the moon and how to go there is limited with what knowledge is available and their experiences. What are the things that exist there are very similar with what are the things that exist on Earth with some modifications because of imaginative minds.

If I were in that date, it is a really entertaining film but not that good reference of reality (since we are all aware of it now). But it also reflects how people from the past think of the moon and the unexplainable things around them.

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