Huwebes, Enero 16, 2014

Trip to the Moon

If I was watching that movie the time it was first released, I would be impressed. Even though the equipment for film making wasn't so complete and competent, they were able to make a movie out of them. The movie wasn't that great, short, it had ugly effects, and the science in it was really bad but the way the film was made was really acceptable if all things are considered. The creativity and the idea itself of the film were quite good.
If I lived during the time the movie was released, it would've probably been the first movie I've ever watched so I think I would've been amazed and confused at the same time. Movies or moving pictures weren't famous back then and it was pretty rare for people to watch them. I think I would've found it incredible to see moving pictures even if they were black and white and had no sounds.
Overall, I think the movie would've been a lot better if it was the first movie I’ve ever seen. Now that I’ve seen movies in HD with great sounds and effects, I would think it was an amateur film and that it doesn’t compare to all the other Hollywood movies.
I get bored easily so if the movie’s sounds are just background songs I wouldn’t be interested and also if the movie was all black and white, I wouldn’t like it. Unless the story is really good then both would be okay. But with the case of “Trip to the Moon” I didn’t like the story because of the science in it, it was good that it wasn’t very long because it would’ve been boring and tiring to watch.

I appreciate the effort of the people who made the movie because I know it was close to impossible back then when they started making it. I think the people had patience and worked really hard. It was a good “first ever movie” released.

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