Martes, Enero 14, 2014

Jaylyn L. Paterno
“Futurama” pilot episode Reaction Paper

            As the film Futurama takes its flight, I hold on my seat tight.

            Futurama is a science fiction film created by Matt Groening. Depicting science and future, this short pilot episode marked a big bang in my attention. It took the use of time machine and the unintentional time travel of a boy named Fry.

            Future and science was obviously taken by this episode. This short film showed the adventure of Fry who accidentally enter a time machine. He traveled at about a millennium year in the future. He encountered aliens and robots. The machine has dropped him in the time where almost everything is in the hands of technology. The suicide booth was an example of this very advance way of living.

            Time travelling is the idea of moving from one point to another especially through the use of advance technology. This concept was tackled in the whole story of the film. A time machine was used to emphasize the travel of a boy in the future which was a millennium year advance. The character, especially the aliens and robots, added to the thought that the boy was really in the future. The presence of the advanced transportation vehicles also helped in the setting of this time travel story.

            It is a job well done for the producers to depict such artistic time travel film called Futurama.

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