Linggo, Enero 12, 2014


["Futurama" reaction paper]
Danielle Elisha F. Ching

Freezing over Fry for a millennium, the creators of Futurama definitely let him travel in time unconventionally in order to show what they think of the future world. As expected with any sci-fi, the future is usually depicted as a society run by robots, machines, and advanced technology. The world Fry discovered after getting off the freezing capsule was a dystopian one. It’s a world wherein technology overcomes humanity.

Bounded by rules and limitations set by the society, the” world of tomorrow” has citizens which are unhappy and uncontented, living off their lives like robots, their whole life dictated by a single computer chip. Just like other dystopian societies (e.g. Panem in Hunger Games), eventually there will be revolutions. I believe that in the succeeding episodes of the series, the people’s revolutionary spirits will be more highlighted, especially with Fry’s coming.

Unlike any time travelling fiction stories, the time travelling in Futurama, as I’ve mentioned earlier, was unconventional. Fry did not leap through time using a time machine, and neither was it his own intention. Also, this time travelling is a one-way trip to the future; there are no buttons or meters which could turn back time, and instead only fast-forward one’s life. And, the price Fry had to pay for it, even though he was only a victim, was living in an unfamiliar world with everyone else he knew already a part of history.


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