Huwebes, Enero 16, 2014

One Ticket Please

Reaction Paper
"Trip to the Moon"

For the first moving pictures I have seen, “Trip to the Moon” opens tons of questions in my mind. Will we be able to fly to the moon? Or maybe even out there in the vast space? Will there be other life forms other than us? New species of floras and faunas? Will we be able to walk or breathe on that white sphere in the sky? Although I know some of it is just an exaggeration of the filmmaker’s playful mind, wouldn't it be nice to explore the world out there? Beyond the comical and theatrical value of the picture, the movie gives the impression of our society to what we think may be possible when we make our technology more advanced. With the development and rapid shoot of new mechanisms and discoveries left and right, no sooner can we go where someone hasn't gone before, to explore the universe.

The film encourages me to conspire with its ideas. I already read books which the film may have gotten some of its ideas and work of fiction but it’s entirely different. It gives me a clearer picture of what's happening and how other imagine the looks of the strange creatures in those books. Although the speech is not present, it makes me compare what I have imagined by my own, added with the theatrical value of the production. It reviews my experience with the books. I could now chronologically tell what may happen in all those out-of-this-world stories. Although I heard, it’s scientifically inaccurate as criticized by the astrophysics authority. As I think of the possibility of it being real soon, it still makes me want to book for one ticket, please.

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