Huwebes, Enero 16, 2014

All the Time

If I were to write and update or adaptation of the story first I would show that people today don’t hate it when other people read. Reading is highly recognized these days and it’s a good way to know more about things and pass time. Next, I would make people see why there was a bomb explosion. In the episode, the bomb wasn’t really explained. They didn’t show where the bomb was from and why it exploded. I would also show what happened to other places, not only one city.
The story was good and the effects not that bad but there were a lot of things that weren’t explained or weren’t shown. If I could make an adaptation I would clear things out. I would also change the way the man thought about being the last person alive in the world. I would make him think about surviving and how to do it.
I wouldn’t remove the part about him being happy about reading and the part about him being sad about his broken glasses but I would make him see other problems he’d be facing too. Everyone he knows and loved is dead, he should not only be focused on reading and books, and he has to think about life for more than just a day.
The story was really good though so I don’t really want to change it that much. I would change the effects to better ones, the props, music, sound, and more of the technical things are the ones I would change. Although, I don’t like how the wife was portrayed. The way she treated him like she was forced to marry him and he was stupid and the way she made him feel. She disrespected him and it seemed like she didn’t love him at all. She violated him and his books, she was cruel. I want the wife to be nice so it would be more realistic. I don’t think anyone would have a problem about someone reading too many these days.

I will also make him feel different emotions in the whole episode; I will make him feel sadness, anger, happiness and other feelings. He wouldn’t be as accepting as he was in the original.

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