Martes, Enero 14, 2014

Reaction Paper on pilot episode of Futurama

After watching the pilot episode of Futurama, what I think the creators of the show think time travel and the future is, is possible. The way of time travel I think is just like how other movies or tv shows portray it. There's a time travel machine or capsule where the person would use to get to the future or past. I think that's how people now see time travel happening. 

The future seemed, as of now, impossible to me. It seemed impossible to me because of the alien invasion and the alien girl. Although, I do believe that it’s possible that there are could be aliens out there in the universe, I also don't believe that there are aliens there. That's because there is no proof of any aliens but I also can't just say they don't exist because there could be planets of other things in the universe that we haven't discovered or checked for aliens.

The science in the show, in my opinion, seemed close to what we have today and what we think will have in the future. There were still things that could already be seen in the past that were still there in the future and I think it’s true, some things can’t be replaced. The new things were also cool and seemed possible because they are what we need now and people will surely find ways to make them because they are what will be in demand.

Everything in the episode, in my opinion, is reasonable and possible. If people need something, there is no stopping us from creating or inventing something that will fill that need. People will always find ways and that’s how we are where we are today.

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