Miyerkules, Enero 15, 2014

Jaylyn L. Paterno
Reaction Paper
The Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough At Last”

                This episode of The Twilight Zone had intrigued people when it was shown in television. Then after, there had been numerous parodies and spoofs of the show that made it more famous among other episodes. Now if I were to make an adaptation of the story, I'd rather not put Henry Bemis on that very tragic moment. After all, he just wanted to read and that's not a bad thing. His wife and his employer should be the one to realize that they were not being fair to him. These two reflects the attitude of some people towards reading that were to oblivious to know that it is books which make wise and productive men. I'd rather emphasize this idea and make the whole story focus on it. Aside from that, I'll lighten the turn of events that seemed too heavy to take. Maybe in that way the public may not have confused minds about what the episode was trying to convey and it won't put them in shock of the misery he suffered.

            Records of events in the year 1959---NASA introduces America's first astronauts to the world, the US Grammy Music Awards Started, Xerox launches the first commercial copier, US Launches first Weather Station in Space, Bonanza premieres on NBC which was the first weekly television series broadcast completely in color, the Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in New York City is completed, the unemployment problems eased to 5.5%---proved that it was a period where the world was eager to discover and was fast progressing. People like Henry should be admired for his desire to read and be knowledgeable

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