Huwebes, Enero 16, 2014

Bookworm Saves the Day!

The first episode of The Twilight Zone “Enough Time at Last” became really famous when it aired. It is the story of Mr. Henry Bemis who was a reading enthusiast but then his boss and even his wife, Mrs. Helen Bemis prevent him from doing his interest. Even time wasn’t on his side at all. But later on, he would be free of all those hindrances. He would be alone, all alone.

If I would make an adaptation of the story, I would preserve all the elements of the story but I’ll change the flow of the story. Instead of a nuclear war, a war about territory dispute will be substituted. What happens on that war was really chaos and no one knows that the leader of the other country based it on a novel he loves so much. He does such terrible things to imitate the plot of his favorite novel. And accidentally, Mr. Henry Bemis will somehow discover the leader of the enemy’s tactics because he read that novel too. While his country was suffering from the wrath (and passion of the leader for his favorite novel), he will seek help from the government, but the government will reject him. After a while, his country keeps losing and the government has no choice but to believe Mr. Bemis’ story. Since they know already what would happen, they’re able to counteract the enemy’s attack and defeat them. In the end, Mr. Henry Bemis would be recognized and awarded across the world, and most of all, he would be given the freedom to read. He would get all the time in this world.  Everyone would admire his passion and everyone would be thankful for there’s a Mr. Henry Bemis who really loves reading.

Reading is a really great weapon. And that’s what I want to emphasize in my version. Without the passion and hunger for knowledge, there would be no science and technology. And without science and technology, what would be our life now?

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