Miyerkules, Pebrero 19, 2014

The Bride of Frankenstein Reaction Paper

The movie "The Bride of Frankenstein", i think, is a good movie and the science in it is complicated but could be possible. The morality in the movie on the other hand has mixed presentations. In my opinion people shouldn't revive dead people, it just isn't normal. Scientists should stick to things more morally acceptable. The movie had a lot of morally acceptable and even good and nice parts. The part when they showed the blind old man and the monster becoming friends, it showed that friendship shouldn't be based on the looks. The old man couldn't be afraid of him because he didn't know who he was so the old man befriended him and nothing bad happened.

I think the monster was made dumb to show the limitations of science and to make the film scarier. I think it worked in a way because it showed that the monster was dumb because of science and technology's limitations in that department. The monster was hated by the people because they thought he was dangerous.

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