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Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein
Movie Review
Meryl Mae Tan

Who is Frankenstein?

Like most of us would answer, all my life, I believed that Frankenstein was the tall monster with screw on his head. Bur after I have watched the full movie version of Bride of Frankenstein, he was the Doctor who created the monster.

Bride of Frankenstein is one of the must-see movies in some horror lists. It was release after the 1931 prequel Frankenstein and is considered by many to be better than its predecessor

Mary Shelley, who was the author of the classic novel Frankenstein, was portrayed in the beginning of the movie and drop the lines "the story doesn't end there". In her novel, she depicted the monster not having the ability to communicate and use the human language with sense. While in James Whales's interpretation, (director of both films), Frankenstein was able to communicate with the humans with the help of a blind friend. Their relationship were build-up, but in the end was forced to live apart, which showed the softer side of the monster. To fulfil his emotional emptiness the two Doctors worked together. Dr. Frankenstein was forced to save his wife. While Dr. Pretorius's real intentions was to rule the world and become God by means of these monsters.

In order to revive the person from death needs a very large amount of energy. And the doctors used lighting to supply the energy needed. Unfortunately, the supposed to be Bride didn't fell in love with Frankenstein, but was terrified with his appearance instead. The disappointed Frankenstein ruined the tower which caused not only his death but the bride's and Dr. Pretorius's death also.

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