Lunes, Disyembre 9, 2013

A Scientist's Misfortune

The Fly (1958)
by: Kurt Nuemann
Movie review
Meryl Mae Tan

For me, the sci-fi movie "The Fly", a story about a scientist who's experimenting on matter transportation is quite interesting in a sense that it is done in the 1950's where there is not much research and scientific proofs. But, entertaining? I have to commend that even if it is in black and white, it is theatrically acted and a lot of melodrama, I was entertained by how series of events were place.

In the film, Andre as a scientist, almost couldn't allot time for his family, himself. He was just so busy with his experiments and few trails didn't content him. He tried from a ceramic and then with a living thing, and then himself. Unfortunately, he was unaware of the fly on his second attempt. He was a man full of pride, he made his wife promise not to tell any one about his misfortune. He even turned his works into ash for no one to find it. But, he's willing to die as a consequent, since each passing day, he is becoming more of a fly.

Andre and his wife, Helena, once argue about God as creator and man's free will. It is very problematic that the two is separated only by a thin line. And until now it is still not clearly define what are the boundaries of both. But Andre's experiment exploited not only animals but also himself. The police sees it as a crime. In the end, Helena's break on her promise is the only way to save herself from a crime she was accused.

In 1950's, Science and Technology is still new to everyone. A time, where so much still undiscovered. Scientists are so eager to invent something for their credit. Unfortunately that idea ate Andre's mind and lead him to his end.

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