Huwebes, Disyembre 5, 2013

Reaction Paper (Catching Fire)
Audrey Deniece SP. Flores

The film everyone’s been talking about these past few weeks, Catching Fire, is indeed a science fiction movie. Most part of it gives a picture of what kind of society Panem has with all its advanced technology and sophisticated innovations, mainly used by The Capitol for itself and especially for the Hunger Games.

It’s amazing how the director and the author (Suzanne Collins) managed to make the film be a commentary of the past, present and the future. For the past, it clearly portrayed the affliction people experienced during the times imperialism was really widespread. The poverty among the 13 districts and the way The Capitol treat the people were in some way similar to what happened during the World War 2 across the nations. As for the present, it can be related to the way The Capitol manipulated the society depending upon President Snow’s desires. He took advantage of his power to somehow “eliminate” Katniss because he saw her as a threat, the hope or the “mockingjay” of the people. He organized the Quarter Quell just to fulfill his agenda. This scenario is really evident today in several countries where the government uses its authority just to carry out its selfish wishes. An example of this is corruption which is present in almost all countries in the world. Lastly, it depicted the future because the advancement in technology was really apparent and highlighted in the movie especially in the part where the victors were already in the arena.

Science, technology, and society failed in the world of 13 districts because despite the modern and high tech advancements featured in the movie, the 13 districts are still starving and suffering under poverty unlike in The Capitol where they just waste food as shown in the film.

Science and technology is either a good thing or a bad thing. It only depends on why an action will be done and who will be affected. But if it will be used for selfish purposes, then nothing good would happen. Everything rooted on selfishness always brings chaos. In a world where there are such “organisms” that use power to do what they want, as said in the movie “Remember who the real enemy is”.

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