Miyerkules, Disyembre 4, 2013

Celine Carmen D. Yabut
Catching Fire Reaction Paper

Catching fire is the sequel of the book and movie “The Hunger Games” and I consider it science fiction. My understanding of science fiction is that it is fiction that has a scientific factor and Catching Fire is definitely fiction with a lot of imagined science. The movie is more technologically advanced compared to people now. The weapons, training materials, media services and more in the movie were more advanced that anything we've seen in the present time.
The film is definitely a commentary on the past, present, and future human society. The movie is supposedly set in the distant future, probably post-apocalyptic, and there it was shown how from our time now, the present, that the people were able to develop technology and humanity into what it is in the movie. Aside from that though, the movie also showed the barbaric ways of humans just like how our ancestors were in the past. Through the hunger games it was shown that people will still fight to survive and its survival of the fittest. But it’s not only the past and the future, as much as I’d hate to admit it, the hunger for power and the people’s wanting of freedom is what reminds me of the present. Though in real life, it’s not as intense, I can still see it today. Another thing that I think represents the present is the media and the people in the Capitol. The media and people are exactly what people are like now. The people are so interested in drama and romance and that’s what the media gives them, just like today.
Science, technology, and society both fail and succeed in the world of Catching Fire. It succeeds in a way because when I look at the new inventions, equipment, electronics, and many other things, they overpass what I think the future would be like. They have things that look like they will be impossible to invent. The society on the other hand I think fails the world of Catching Fire. The society is cruel; the people don’t care about what happens as long as it pleases and entertains them. They are selfish, petty, and rude.  The Hunger Games is proof enough that they are still barbaric.

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