Miyerkules, Disyembre 11, 2013

The Fly

                The Fly was a movie first produced in 1958. It is a movie about a scientist experimenting with a form of teleportation. After trials with a cat and a guinea pig, he tries it on himself and becomes the victim of a freak accident whereby his head and arm become the head and arm of a fly. The story revolves around his wife and her “journey” to finding his real head and arm, which happen to be fused with a fly.
                For me, The Fly is an eye-opening and interesting film because it gives viewers a peak into past views on horror films and how back then, showing blood was considered horror, whereas now, blood is a staple of every hit movie.
                The film’s view on science and scientists from my point of view is that they are viewed as these weird, introverted people who always wear lab coats and whose experiments are considered dangerous unless proven otherwise.
                The film is not a morality play simply due to the fact there is no presence of right or wrong, the wife is not punished for “killing” her husband and the scientist died for no reason, simply because the police thought his invention was considered dangerous to humanity.

                The film’s view on science and technology is that every new invention is taken with a degree of suspicion as to whether it is safe or not, which is different from today wherein all inventions are accepted with open arms regardless of their safety.

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