Miyerkules, Disyembre 4, 2013

Jaylyn L. Paterno
(Reaction Paper on the Movie ‘Catching Fire’)

          The Hunger Games 2 or popularly known as ‘Catching Fire’ is a science fiction film made by Francis Lawrence, while the book’s author is Suzanne Collins. The equipment, weapons and the environment used in the setting of the movie depict more advanced kind of technology that could exist in this world.
          It’s a commentary of the human society. The similarity in the past of both parties is that they are both under a powerful person. The districts are being ruled by the capitol. Likewise, the countries in the early civilizations are being held captive by their kings and force them to do something they don’t want just to ensure their safety.
          As for its connection on today, people are now aware and conscious of what is happening around them. They become vocal on what they want to happen and to get support from people with the same interest like Katniss and the rest of the other districts.
          Knowledge of the characters about science helped them to figure out how they would respond or cope up with the world they are living in. The characters always face their daily lives with a challenge of how they are going to survive, with their minds full of ways and ideas of science.
          A more advanced kind of technology can be noticed in the setting of the story. Because of technology, the hunger games became possible.

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