Huwebes, Disyembre 12, 2013

Jaylyn L. Paterno
The Fly (1958)- Movie Review

            Overall, the movie was not something that I expected. The story was boasting a good start at first, but as it carried its way until the end, it failed to sustain the curiosity I had. It lacked the potential to be marked as a good film.  Maybe it would be more interesting if it emphasized more of the telepod system, than giving the spot light on the characters' plight. I find the story too dramatic if its real agenda was to perceive science as the object of attention.

            The film showcased the possibility of gaining negative outcomes in exercising Science. It must be pertaining to one of two things; either people of the 1950s did not salute the practice done by scientists or they have high respect for scientists that they feel the need to publicize the endeavors of men of science in facing the danger of experimenting. The movie could be considered as a morality play because the characters were struggling in vying for normality, forbidding and letting love to interfere in order to ease one’s burden.

            They viewed Science and Technology as something to be taken seriously. I assumed that they saw science in its divine state, such that whoever meddles with it shall have great sense of wit and responsibility of its risks.  That perception should have brought scientists tremendous equal amounts of both pressure and honor in their field.

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