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Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me

Cecilio Gabriel F. Magsino
Reaction Paper: “The Fly”

I would have to say that I really found the movie interesting and entertaining as I have seen it before because it was the very first movie I saw when I was a baby.  For a sci-fi film in the 1950s, I would have to say that the movie had really good quality both in script/story and in props/effects. The film, in my opinion, was the peak of that generation’s filmmaking industry.

The film portrayed scientists and the conduct of science in a way that is similar to how our scientists are now. One is that most scientists are usually too much worked up on their experiments that they begin to lose time for more important things such as family, themselves, and their health. Even the conduct of science back then was the same as it is now which is to respect life, the law, and the public good by not conducting experiments of living organisms. I would agree that it is a morality play as they portrayed the scientist trying to make up for his actions by sacrificing himself and his life’s work for the betterment of his family and the people.

In a way it reflects science and technology in the 1950s because it is a narrative about a scientist trying to pursue “the search for the truth” by single-handedly experimenting on a device that would enable humanity to toy around with nature and “play god” without even weighing the pros and cons of his discovery. What’s worse is that with his newfound discovery, he became rash and didn’t gather enough knowledge before performing something so dangerous that it will cost him his life, as well as imparting his discovery to society.

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