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"ONE CLICK, and you're in a different world" -Gail Tan

GDaysX Philippines
Reaction Paper
Meryl Mae Tan

Do you think you have explored the internet, yet? Downloaded the most recent apps? Have you maximized the technology you are enjoying right now? Or even extend the use of this technology advancement in your own career or business, environment, education and community aside from using it for your personal social life? Well think again.

The number one search engine in the entire world wide web, GOOGLE, formulated additional apps to accommodate every needs of its user. And a one-day event held at Xavier St. Greenhills, San Juan, called GDaysX Philippines supported by Google last November 23, Saturday, educate and inform ordinary netizens on the benefits of this applications not only in our social life but also to different aspects of it.

The event was composed of numerous talks about apps that Google offer to use in our advantage in different fields other than what we are used to with the traditional internet life. Gail Tan of Google Philippines shared that the success of Google lies in its USERS. "Focus in the users, and else will follow." she added.
Other speakers talked about applications that will help your business like Gmail, Hangouts (for conference video calls), Google Drive (for storage), Youtube and Blogs (for marketing and advertisements), Google Places and Mapping for Business, Google Analytics and Google+. and they also did some Demo and emphasize on its perks.
In times of catastrophe, just like what happen in Visayas region, the past weeks, there are Community and Crises: Disaster Rescue, Relief and Reconstruction maps that is very helpful in preparing this kind of calamity. This maps are made by volunteer mappers and are designed according to its different uses. There is also this app, called Person Finder, where helps you get and/or give information on a person's whereabouts.

In Education, technology now doesn't just allow you to search, but even more. In so many videos they have shared with us, it is very touching how technology was so innovative that it can fulfill our dreams more than what we could ever imagine. It is true that we could learn more than just the texts on our books. And learning is beyond the four corners of the classroom.

Now the problem is, too many apps to supervise. Well good thing this apps are made to collaborate with each other. They may have different functions, settings and format. But they all work together towards one goal: to make our life EASIER. These apps are interrelated with each other that you can update, access and link one by the other. Google Drive gives you access to all from your mobile-to-PC-to-Tablet-other device wherever, whenever you needed them.

Nowadays, we can literally seat back on our couch in front of our PC whole day without worrying on our work, or run a business online and by only one person, or blog or video our hobbies and earn for a living, or went on tour on ancient civilization for the history class.

STS has gone Google.

Meryl Mae Tan

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