Miyerkules, Nobyembre 27, 2013

Reaction Paper: GDAYSX

I learned a lot from the talks for it was like a mini conference from each different speakers invited. The talks that I have attended were about Digital Collaboration/Google Drive, Youtube for your business and Podcasting and Blogging.  I was stunned at statistics they showed and shared to us.
Before, the world of internet for me is just a simple search where you can find answers to questions anything under the sun--updates about music, artists or celebrities, and controversial stuffs. But after the talk, it changes my views about this matter.
In the conference, the first topic by Therence John Resabal was about Digital Collaboration/Google Drive. I learned so much about its functions now. It is a fast and simple way of uploading files and documents and sharing it to others. The second one was Youtube for your business, delivered by Trixie Canivel. YouTube is a website where billions of people visit it every day. It provides an opportunity for a brand to show off its products and connect customers. Also, it helps customers to choose or find the right brand or agency they needed to fulfil their desires. And the last one was about Podcasting and Blogging by Kring Elenzano. She has background in both traditional and new media. She gave a talk on how to create a website where you could write something about your business. It can also be a site for conversations and engagement in dialogue with others.
I really enjoyed the event for I know I can make use of what I’ve. I could also use it in my academic and scholarly requirements because they’re useful. The GdaysX was totally an educational event that could help students nationwide. It is also helpful to entrepreneurs who are engaging in different type of businesses. A massive thank you to Google Business Group Community!

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